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About Us

"The global pandemic has brought us closer! It has not stopped our need for connection, but given us, as an organization, a greater thirst to provide healthy communities of support and release for moms of all ages and stages - all across the globe!"

-Crystal C. George

The Mom's Connection CEO & Founder

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Our Purpose:

The Purpose of The Mom's Connection LLC is to connect moms of all kind! We endeavor to provide events and programs, both locally and globally through our virtual and in-person platforms that enhance your life and relationships together as moms!


We intentionally create community amongst moms that is focused on positivity, care, and uplifting one another! Through this organization, you not only have the opportunity to create long-lasting connections and friendships that help you succeed and thrive in your personal life as moms, but also for those that make you moms, your children and families!

Who We Serve:

We are both super excited and delighted to serve moms of all ages and stages! There's literally something for everyone in our program and event offerings! We believe that through community and sharing, that the resources, wisdom, and support moms need can be accessible and made available to every mom!


We Serve Moms Globally & Locally:

We are a globally and locally focused organization! Each of our Three-Pillar Program offerings are run virtually, and we do that intentionally, so that we can connect moms both globally and locally, allowing our experiences and expertise as moms to be shared in community worldwide!


We also offer the added benefit of access to be able to attend and start a local chapter of The Mom's Connection "In Your City or Area" in order to add onto your virtual experience and provide the in-person program guide offerings to the moms in your area. We provide you with the training, resources, program materials, and partnership to succeed! Plus, through local chapter start-up, you join our exclusive community of chapter leaders of The Mom's Connection! If you are interested in starting a local chapter, please email us directly at: or reach out to us through our contact page under the "Contact" tab!












Meet Our Founder

Crystal C. George

Founder, CEO, and Lead Organizer

Hi! I am Crystal George and I am the Founder, CEO, and Lead Organizer of The Mom’s Connection LLC. I officially started bringing moms together in 2019 after my son was born, as a way to connect moms of all kind and to provide a fun space for moms to support one another and do life together in community! I am the type of person that loves to bring people together, to celebrate one another, and to create spaces that are inclusive to all! I consider this a gift and a blessing not only to myself, but to others who I come in contact with as well! I have been using this gift in so many capacities all of my life and I decided to put it to use to help moms come together! In all honesty, moms need one another! I have been learning in my mom journey, that you cannot do this alone and I encourage no one to do so! This is why I birthed "The Mom's Connection LLC."

Wait...there's more to this story, it gets pretty exciting!! The group of moms in my area quickly began to grow and within the next year and a half, the group grew to a couple hundred moms that were a part of our community and took interest in and frequented our events and programs. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this was no time to quit, but a time to push for a space for moms to continue to come together! I persevered, and kept reaching out to moms, developed more programs, and in 2021, made our official communication launch to the moms group of our transition to now become an official corporation as The Mom's Connection LLC. Woohoo!! We officially began operating in our “Three Pillar Program” offerings both globally and locally to moms! The “Three Pillar Program,” includes our monthly Parent Connection Events, our monthly Self-Care Saturday Program, and our quarterly Mom’s Night Out “In” Events. These three programs serve as our foundational platforms to encourage the core values that our organization stands for when it comes to The Mom's Connection Community, that you see listed above! Each of our programs in our Three Pillar Program, were designed to bring these core values into your life abundantly as moms!

Learn More about our Founder:

Crystal George is originally from the state of Michigan; now residing in the Chicagoland Area since 2007! She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Western Michigan University, a Master’s Degree from Moody Bible Institute, and is currently completing her PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Her and her husband, Daniel, have been married for eight years and have two beautiful children, Maxwell & Harmony! 

When you meet Crystal, you will find that she is a very genuine, personable, and fun loving individual! She loves to see and find the joy of life, but also to see that same joy radiate in and through the life's of those around her! She also loves being outdoors, having fun, playing sports, and building creative new ventures! That's a little bit more about our founder, Crystal! She is so excited and looking forward to meeting each of our global and local members virtually and in-person at one of The Mom's Connection upcoming events and programs! 

Also, feel free to connect with Crystal on any of her social media handles by clicking

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"Hi Fellow Moms" - This is a phrase you will hear a lot in our community and in our addresses from the organization. This language denotes a sense of comradery amongst the moms community that we are all in this together! The organization founder, Crystal George, began saying this at the start of leading events and it just caught on! 

"Take Care" - This is another phase that you will hear in our community very often. The heart of our founder is that all moms would be well in their hearts, minds, and beings. "Take Care" is an offering of hope and encouragement that each mom not only be well, but that they would be mindful to do just that - literally "Take Care." It is a subtle reminder as we close out our times of community together to consider ourselves and have grace on yourself in the process of being a mom! This too has caught on and continues to be our gift to one another in community; to Take Care!

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