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The Mom's Connection Program Guide


Mom's Circle Small Groups - At a Local Park Near YOU!

Mom's Circle Small Groups is our newest program in our program guide! It's held in a park near you, where there is an "on site" local chapter of The Moms Connection. If you are in a different city, state, country, or area, and would like to start a local chapter of The Moms Connection as an added support to your virtual community experience, we provide you with all of the support, training, and tools necessary to get it up and running, guiding you every step of the way - and we stay connected with you as one of our global partners for the life-time of your local chapter! Interested Mom's Circle Small Group Facilitators can email us at:


Mom's Circle Small Groups at a park near you comes as a FREE community based program and serves as an added benefit to our moms, where there are local chapters of The Mom's Connection available. The purpose of Mom's Circle is to have a place where the moms in your area can come together in-person (safely considering the pandemic) and circle-it-up at the designated park; 6ft apart in your favorite lawn chair or blanket to sit on, with mask, in order to get to know one another better, to network, and meet new moms. The group facilitator will come prepared to lead that time, so that everyone is included in our time of connection! Right now, due to Covid-19, we are limiting this event to 15 people per moms circle small group. So, keep checking our events calendar on our meetup site (also under the "Events" tab here on the website), and rsvp quickly once you see an opening! 


Every mom is encouraged to bring their own lawn chair or blanket to designate your place in the circle, 6ft apart, with mask on for each Mom's Circle small group. We ask that each mom maintain these regulations as they arrive and for the entire event. This program is hosted as an in-person event and is held during the summer months of the year. The Mom's Connection is following the CDC Guidelines, and ask that you only attend if you are well in your health according to the CDC guidelines (Please click on the underlined CDC link above to verify). We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Moms & Kids Connection Outings Program

In the early stages of motherhood, its easy to get tied up in your routine of trying to figure everything out, trying to stay energized, and trying to engage your kids in creative and fun activities that stimulate both them and yourself! This is why our "Moms & Kids Outings Program" was created, in order to provide a regular group outing that you can lock into your schedules, where we do all of the planning for you - all you have to do is just show up and join in the fun with other fellow moms and their kids that are a part of our mom's connection community! This is one of our most popular programs. This program is also offered as a FREE community based program and serves as an added benefit to our moms, where there are local chapters of The Mom's Connection available. For those interested in starting a local chapter of The Mom's Connection in your local city, state, country, or area, you can email us directly at: 


In-person group outings of The Mom's & Kids Connection Program will resume once it is safe to do so, considering Covid-19 and the safety of our children. In the meantime, continue to check out our calendar of upcoming member events for periodic virtual offerings of the mom's and kid's connection program!

Our Three-Pillar Impact Program

The Three-Pillar Impact Program is comprised of: The Parent Connection Event, Self-Care Saturday's and Mom's Night Out "In". These three impact programs serve to provide you intentional community focused events engaging your Health & Wellness, Parental Support, and a place for fun and celebration in community as moms. These three programs are offered as virtual programs and reach across the globe to our local and global community of moms!


Pillar Program #1: The Parent Connection 

(A Local & Global Virtual Program Offering)

The Parent Connection is a monthly virtual event and space where we as moms come together to do two things in community together:

1. To Build Connection with other Moms across the globe through our shared experience as parents! And...

2. To Bring Our Current Parenting Questions monthly to the Community! We hope that through our shared experiences as moms and parents, that there will be helpful solutions for you within the community and definitely someone that can relate! This program is offered virtually and is for moms of all ages and stages.


Pillar Program #2: Self-Care Saturdays

(A Local & Global Virtual Program Offering)

Together, at Self-Care Saturday's (monthly), we set across personal health and wellness goals. Our goal for Self-Care Saturday's is the following:

1. To provide a community that you can be transparent with about your growth goals in your health and wellness as a mom.

2. Our goal is to provide impactful discussion topics, helpful information, resources, and activities virtually on a monthly basis in community in order to help one another grow toward greater knowledge of their own personal health and wellness together in community as moms! This program is offered virtually and is for moms of all ages and stages. 


Pillar Program #3. Mom's Night Out "In" 

(A Local & Global Virtual Program Offering)

Mom's Night Out "In" is a quarterly virtual event and space where we as moms come together to have fun, laugh, and let go for an evening of fun, together as moms! We plan a unique and fun activity for each event!

This program is offered virtually and is for moms of all ages and stages. 

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