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I've been so thankful for my time connecting with other moms through The Mom's Connection, and enjoy seeing both new and returning faces at each meeting. Crystal is so intentional in fostering a safe and welcoming space for moms of differing experiences to connect over the shared experience of motherhood, to remember that we are not alone, and to encourage each other to take care of ourselves. I especially appreciate the opportunity in meetings to be honest about difficulties while also getting to laugh together, to learn from one another, and to grow.


Chelsea S.

Chicago Suburbs, IL

Raven - Moms Group.jpeg

I am so grateful to have found The Moms Connection! I was a fairly new mom at the time, in a new town and no idea where to begin. Being able to talk with other moms, get advice, share frustrations and the beauty of being a mom has been invaluable to me and my family. Crystal is such a positive light and has created a wonderful space for moms and their children to connect and grow! 


R. Moore

Bolingbrook, Il

Trina - Moms Group.jpeg

I am grateful that I was able to find the Moms connection group,  especially since I am a new mom. Sharing our “Mom” experiences has taught me a lot and has given me confidence to be a better mother.  Talking to fellow mothers and sharing advice with each other is calming and great, and I highly recommend this group. 


St. Louis, MO

Erin - Moms Group.jpeg

The Moms Connection has been a place of welcomed support for my personal growth as a parent. At first I was nervous to join with it being a new group for me however Crystal and the others moms reinforced how important my own continued development was. I am happy to have joined and continue this conversation with other moms. 


Erin S.

Brooklyn. NY

Sarah - Moms Group.jpg

The Mom's Connection came into my life at the perfect time.  I was navigating being a stay-at-home mom for the first time with my very active one-year-old son.  He was craving new activities and friends and I was craving connection with other women in the same life stage.  The Mom's Connection provided exactly what we needed -- Crystal has a gift for forming authentic relationships with women (and little ones!) from all walks of life.  We are so grateful!

Sarah G.

Glen Ellyn, IL

Chelsea T - Moms Group.png

Crystal has such great leadership and organizational skills and I'm so glad she decided to share them with other moms! She has provided an easy way to meet other moms whether for a playdate or mom's brunch. Since going virtual, I have really enjoyed the encouragement to set a goal and follow through with other moms for accountability. It's great to be a part of this group where the moms share their experiences and truly care for one another.

Chelsea T.

Yorkville, IL


The Mom’s Connection LLC is a beautiful community of moms that are growing together. From the first event I attended everyone has been welcoming. The founder Crystal has something special here.


Pavielle P.


Yanie - Moms Group.png

The Mom’s Connection LLC is a great group for all mommies to share experiences, grow together and have fun together. I have so much fun meeting moms virtually from Illinois and other states, and I’m looking forward to meeting them personally someday after the pandemic is over. Crystal is a wonderful host. She’s kind, very accommodative, and she makes sure that all mommies are heard and seen. I am feeling hopeful that in the near future, The Mom’s Connection LLC will be able to do so much more in celebrating us as mommies, so we can be stronger in facing challenges. I also believe that there are opportunities in this organization for moms to build networks and maybe businesses together in the future.

Yanie A.

Chicago, IL

Joyce - Moms Group.jpg

Summer of 2019, I found myself  at home with a two year old. As I was looking for other moms, I came across Crystal's newly created moms group. The two of us met up with our kids at the Wheaton Zoo. I was exited to get out of the house and meet a friend.  Since then, I have met many women (and my husband has met other husbands on family included events) and their children and we have gone on pony rides, the zoo, bounce houses, as well as many other places.
Crystal has also done a great job of bringing moms together to share ideas on topics such as: potty training, picky eaters, sleeping through the night, etc. Not only has this group been a great way to meet other moms, but it has also been a great way to exchange parenting ideas as well. I look forward to the where the Mom's group is headed.

Joyce K.
Elburn, Illinois

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